The Tony Lowell Mysteries


Just finishing up on the latest cover for The Tony Lowell Mysteries series…….. I love these books, reading them to get ideas

for the covers is very entertaining, real page turners.  Should be made into a TV series!


By  Gene (E. C.) Ayres

Ayres manages to combine many of the Florida issues of the day into one relatively taut novel.  Night of the Panther is a project that succeeds on some levels and falls short on others. It isn’t the first story that ever tried to work with two protagonists, but to pull it off, they must have equal time on stage. Panther sells one of them very short , and unfortunately that one is Tony Lowell, Ayres’ continuing series character.

Games and Fresh Water Fish officer Marge Pappas, who lives among the wildlife in her charge, is murdered mysteriously. Her first cousin, Lena Bedrosian, a Manatee City police detective, is devastated by Marge’s death, and she is quickly taken off the case by a boss who says she is too close to it. So she calls on Lowell for help, which he agrees only reluctantly to give.

The story develops into a tale of a local militia, a hunt club that caters to the politically powerful, local corruption and an inevitable manhunt that puts the protagonists’ lives on the line.

Ayres knows his subject matter and does a wonderful job of giving his story a sense of place and realistic Florida texture.

St. Petersburg Times

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