Chyna – Paper Doll

paper doll front














A book I put together and helped design a few months back is a must for Chyna fans.

Chyna definitely has a big following across the world and I did remember her as a wrestler so I

was very pleased to be involved with this book. It has beautiful photography from 

Emillio Ortiz who has worked with some of the worlds biggest names.

Chyna 1 

‘Paper Dollis a stunning visual and written extravaganza of CHYNA, presented by the photography and art direction of Emillio O. Featuring images that capture CHYNA like you’ve never seen her before. Paper Dollreads like a spectacular night at the theater, and upon closing the book, the reader is no less satisfied. CHYNA reveals all through interviews, many poems, vignettes, and more. This book is one of a kind, and only CHYNA is capable of creating it, for her powerful spirit is a part of these pages.’

About ctaylor5uk

I am a freelance designer and illustrator based in Liverpool UK. I specialise in the Publishing Industry.
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One Response to Chyna – Paper Doll

  1. Everyone involved with this project did a great job…. What an awesome book

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