Lair of the Lizard Cover

Here is my latest cover for The Tony Lowell Mysteries by Gene Ayres. I hope Gene writes more of these because I love doing the covers for them, I sent him my concept ideas (not far from the final version) and he asked if I had been to the location or done the research?

The truth is I didn’t need to, because he creates the images in my head so well, what I create is nearly perfect, That’s how good a writer he is!! 

Lair of the lizard front           

Northern New Mexico   Morning::  

The man was short, stocky, and muscular. He wore a cutoff T-shirt with the midriff ripped out to display his once-rippling abdominals, unmindful of the layer of flab that now hung over his belt. His black eyes were fierce and ruthless, but now glowed with celebratory joy, because today was his lucky day. He could hardly believe his good fortune. Grinning widely, he flicked his tongue as he watched his stupid, stupid wife drive right past him, oblivious, in broad daylight, where he was just pulling out of the parking lot of Albertson’s. He’d been looking for her for months. Even his supposed friend Peso claimed not to know where she’d gone. Fuck Peso. Fuck friends like that shit. Now here she was, serving herself up to him on a silver platter, driving around as though without a care in the world! With a triumphant laugh, he slashed his way into traffic several cars behind her, congratulating himself, cursing her out in Spanish. Puta! He thought. Estupida!

To celebrate his mood he put on his all-time favorite tape, Santana’s Supernatural, and rewound it to play “Smooth” again. He usually didn’t listen to Anglo music, but this Rob Thomas dude was OK by him. The woman had eyes only for the highway ahead, and never even looked back. If she had just bothered to check her rear view mirror, she would surely have turned aside, turned away, tried to escape, at least done something. Instead, she led him straight to the only place she knew that she thought was safe. Where she’d been hiding all these months until she just couldn’t stand it any more, and had to get out, see some familiar surroundings, see her family that she missed, do something other than just sit, and wait, and be afraid.

About ctaylor5uk

I am a freelance designer and illustrator based in Liverpool UK. I specialise in the Publishing Industry.
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