Population Solutions?

This topic is very prominent in the news right now, and rightly so. Dr. Jack Kervorkian (AKA Dr. Death) has recently published a book – When the People Bubble POPs is a clear and detailed analysis of human overpopulation of Planet Earth.

“Not many of us know what chaos really implies: it is
usually defined as confusion, a mixed mass without due
form or order. Life under such conditions is unimaginable
if not experienced first-hand. And it is inevitably coming
for all humanity to experience as part of a cataclysm of
monumental magnitude caused by the “crime” of
widespread “biocide” and the involuntary suicide now
being senselessly committed by the kind of serial biological
killers called us.”

 cover by Chris Taylor – ctaylor5uk@yahoo.co.uk

 From the introduction –
 This is a very unusual book, which it is meant to be.
Parts of it, like fiction, would seem to overstep one’s
conventional idea of ordinary propriety as well as limits of
decently fanciful human imagination. But some readers will
persevere out of piqued curiosity underscored by an
uneasy feeling that the book’s message, no matter how
outlandish it may at first strike one to be, somehow seems
relevant and important to one’s own existence. Others may
choose to read on merely because they find the book’s
pretentiously farcical seriousness somewhat amusing.
Nevertheless, I trust that every reader will in the
end conclude that such judgments should be of little
concern and that what really matters is reflection on its
dour message, which must be pondered by every sentient
person of every color and race everywhere on this ailing
earth. To many, the message may be unconvincing,
ludicrous, and totally incapable of provoking action on any
of the extraordinary and weighty, even revolutionary,
corrective or preventive measures called for. Therefore, it
is imperative that this book’s message be deeply and
permanently ingrained in human consciousness—that this
book at least be read. And, for that alone, I thank you.
This book contains his theories on how to overcome our
population issues – some of which you will find disturbing!!
    Further info on Dr. Jack  can be found here –
   Book details contact – http://www.worldaudience.org/

About ctaylor5uk

I am a freelance designer and illustrator based in Liverpool UK. I specialise in the Publishing Industry.
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