The Shakespeare Chronicles – The Truth About Shakespeare

This one will make waves!!

The Shakespeare Chronicles – The Truth About Shakespeare                        

a new nonfiction novel by Desmond Lewis.

 Having been sent this for review I wasn’t entirely looking forward to the book, just due to the fact of Shakespeare’s name in the title and knowing its nonfiction. Though I know the authors other works are very entertaining this is not the type of reading I would usually enjoy. (So I presumed).

 Not knowing much about Shakespeare other than the small amount taught in school, much of which I can’t recall, I presumed this would be like an academic paper covering his life and career. Though I did learn much about Shakespeare and very interesting a life he led, I was surprised and intrigued to learn that according to the evidence put to me history needs re-telling.

The majority of text is explained as though giving evidence in court, though often with a raised eyebrow and sarcastically knowing voice, which does add a curtain humor that made me smile and kept the book lighter and easier to read.

 I am not going to give to much away because as I found the more you read and learn, and the evidence piles up the more you find yourself wanting the truth to be unearthed and wondering why, with evidence so apparently comprehensible it has not made headlines the world over.

I understand many have a great deal to loose if such finding were made public knowledge, but how long can covering up such seemingly obvious facts continue?

 This book really is a fascinating read and has certainly made Shakespeare an interesting person and subject to me, so much so I am now going to dig out some of ‘his’ poems to peruse and look at in a different light.

Once the book is published I will create a link to it.

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One Response to The Shakespeare Chronicles – The Truth About Shakespeare

  1. kseverny says:

    sounds great.
    the discovery is a wonderful feeling

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