another happy customer…

Final cover design for Swingman by Alex Allred

Alex’s response – I really like #2 with the golden highlights … somehow it really captures the book!! Love it.

So another happy customer.

Another great review too –
On its surface, Alex Allred’s Swingman is a story about the almost impossible bravery of Marshall Allen, the quadriplegic firefighter whose courage is the beginning and end of this unusual book. But the real story is Allred’s journey of spiritual discovery after meeting Allen, a messy trip that makes up this book’s soft, delicious center. A lifelong smartass, her three kids, curmudgeonly husband, and crazy animals (we meet kamikaze guinea pigs, goat-loving kittens and cat-eating dogs) provide plenty of laughs. But they can’t mask Allred’s pain as she struggles to find out what is causing her son’s severe illness. From her small Texas town to EPA hearings (with cameos from Erin Brokovich and Barack Obama), her fight to clear the air brings her right back to Allen, and her own homegrown version of faith.—Sarah Mahoney, magazine writer

About ctaylor5uk

I am a freelance designer and illustrator based in Liverpool UK. I specialise in the Publishing Industry.
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