latest project –

Just started to read my latest book design project for World Audience –


A Benjamin Roan Mystery-Thriller

Robert L. Hecker

Benjamin Roan, head of Roan Security,  is in trouble—again. Cavorting in the California skies in a WWII P-51 fighter plane, the last thing on Ben’s mind was murder.  In truth he was having a hard time keeping his thoughts off  his sexy flight instructor who turns out to be as deadly as she is beautiful when she catapults Ben into the thrilling world of International Air Shows.  There, as  an exhibition flyer–and a reluctant undercover operator for the DEA–Ben  becomes embroiled in drug smuggling and international intrigue.  Suddenly  flying loses some of its thrill when he finds himself a target for mile high murder.

early extract…...

Beneath dark eyebrows and impossible eyelashes, her eyes—

at least when they looked at me—had the look of a woman wary of

being approached by men.

I gave her my guaranteed heart-warming smile. “Hi.”

It wasn’t working. Those incredible eyes were like lasers,

stripping away all my pretensions, leaving me feeling like a fifteen-year-

old trying to lie to his mother.

“What do you fly?” she said.

Well, at least she had a warm, husky voice that took some of

the chill out of her gaze. “Jack’s Stearmans,” I said.

When she sighed and her eyes kind of rolled back, Jack quickly

said, “He’s pretty good. Almost as good as me.”

Her sensuous lips lifted in a tiny smile, “That good, huh?”

Dimples? I couldn’t believe it. When she smiled her slightly

hollow cheeks pulled into dimples that erased all evidence of steely

strength. Who ever heard of a predatory hawk with dimples?

Jack grinned. His teeth weren’t nearly as beautiful as hers, but

his smile told me he liked her and wasn’t offended by her jib. And if

Jack liked someone, they had to be genuine. “It’ll take a lot of work,”

he said. “You can make a fortune.”

“In that case…” She held out her hand. “When do we start?”

About ctaylor5uk

I am a freelance designer and illustrator based in Liverpool UK. I specialise in the Publishing Industry.
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