Mile High Murder

Just finished sending my latest cover to the printers.

Robert decided it needed to further indicate the romance side to the story so i added one of my ink paintings (see post below) which i thought worked well with a red color wash.

Benjamin Roan, head of Roan Security,  is in trouble—again. Cavorting in the California skies in a WWII P-51 fighter plane, the last thing on Ben’s mind was murder.  In truth he was having a hard time keeping his thoughts off  his sexy flight instructor who turns out to be as deadly as she is beautiful when she catapults Ben into the thrilling world of International Air Shows.  There, as  an exhibition flyer–and a reluctant undercover operator for the DEA–Ben  becomes embroiled in drug smuggling and international intrigue.  Suddenly  flying loses some of its thrill when he finds himself a  target for mile high murder.

Author Robert L. Hecker has done it again! He has written a masterful action-packed thriller that keeps the reader turning pages. In my opinion he ranks up there with Ken Follett, Nelson De Mille, and Robert Ludlum in telling a convincing story of intrigue with wonderful, well-drawn characters and details that keep the reader captivated.

– Jeannine Van Eperen, Reviewer, GottaWriteNetwork.

I will link the purchase details once set up.


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I am a freelance designer and illustrator based in Liverpool UK. I specialise in the Publishing Industry.
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