My testimonials

“Chris Taylor’s cover for my first book of poems, Across My Silence was stunningly apropos, setting the perfect tone for the work inside. I was so intrigued with his richly layered image that I asked the publisher to break precedence and include his name and description of the  composition on the copyright page for all to see. Starting with its subtle backdrop of shadowy leaves and wa­ter, offset by a dramatic jewel of a monarch butterfly, and finishing on the back with a simple rendering of a gentle sea turtle, the cover art reflected themes and specific elements actually in the poems. I would go as far as to say Taylor’s artwork was a visual poem that gave extension and lustre to my own metaphors and ideas. Because of his creative efforts, I implore potential readers to judge my book by its cover!”  Jack Cooper: Author, Across My Silence

 “Chris Taylor is the artist and designer of World Audience, Inc. Despite the changing nature of publishing, Mr Taylor has designed nearly every one of our covers and the interior art of a number of our books. The Tragedy of Abraham Lincoln is an amazing book and will soon be in classroom and educational settings everywhere, as well as major bookstores.”
Mike Strozier, Director of World Audience

“Chris Taylor is a gifted artist with an intense and vivid sense of imagery, and a distinct edginess to his work.”Gene Ayres, Author of A Billion Two One

“Chris Taylor’s ability to take a publisher’s sometimes obscure concept and create from it a striking cover il­lustration that compliments a book, yet doesn’t overwhelm it is nothing short of amazing.”
Matt Ward, publisher, Skive Magazine, Australia

“Chris Taylor recently designed one of my book covers. He did a fine job. He seems to have a good sense of design, colour and marketing communications. I can recommend him for a wide range of design assign­ments.”                   Jay P. Granat, PhD Founder, Author, Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute: 21 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Performance.


Chris is a great illustrator who is very easy to work with and gives you a nice variety of his styles to choose from. The piece which I had completed was done so very quickly and met the requirements I set him perfectly. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a freelance illustrator  Digital Designer 



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